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Reduction of up to 75% in the Property Tax (IPTU)

30% reduction in the tax on the ITIV (Imposto de Transmissão de Bens Imóveis Intervivos)

Reduction to 2% of the Tax on Services (ISS)

90% reduction in the tax on the ICMS

Property Location License Exemption

Research, Development and Innovation

The Metrópole Digital has several Research, Development and Innovation actions. Teachers and students conceive and elaborate, through research and innovation projects, IT products and services in areas such as Education, Smart Cities, Health, Bioinformatics, among others. Discover the IMD PD&I Primer and Portfolio.

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Metrópole Parque
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To be accredited to Metrópole Parque and have access to its benefits, companies or Scientific and Technological Institutions must complete a form indicating their legal representative and attach the mandatory documents.


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