What is

A Technological Park is a administered complex so that companies, institutions of education, research, and innovation can connect, having the government as facilitator, in order to enable an favorable environment to economic benefits for all parties involved, as well as the social and human development of the region.

Established on August 2, 2017, the Parque Tecnológico Metrópole Digital is an initiative by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) through the Instituto Metrópole Digital (IMD), with support of the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises (SEBRAE) and the Municipal City Hall of Natal.

As a lever for economic, social, and human development in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, especially in the city of Natal, Parque Metrópole encourages, assists and develops activities related to science, technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation, promoting synergy between academia, government, society and Information Technology (IT) companies.


Strengthen entrepreneurship and innovation based on Information Technology, through the interaction between university, government, companies and society in general.


To be a national reference as an environment of entrepreneurship and innovation that promotes technological, economic, social and human development in a sustainable manner.


Facilitate cooperation between universities, companies and government. Always learn and innovate. Have an entrepreneurial attitude. Help develop innovative IT ventures. Believe in human potential. Be guided by ethics and transparency.


For duly accredited companies, Parque Metrópole may provide the following services and operating conditions:

  • Consulting services, technical advice and support, necessary in establishment plans, targets and strategies for personal and business growth;
  • Physical infrastructure (classrooms, meeting rooms, coworking offices, operating rooms for corporate headquarters, auditoriums, among others), located in the headquarters building of the Parque Metrópole, in the Center for Research and Innovation in Information Technology (nPITI) and in the Bioinformatics Center (CBM) of IMD / UFRN;
  • Technological infrastructure of IMD / UFRN (data center services; internet; laboratories);
  • Business incubation system as a mechanism capable of inducing the creation of unique businesses;
  • Encourage training activities, individually or in partnership with other institutions;
  • Establish strategic partnerships with institutions, enabling enterprises to access information and innovation, in addition to qualified professionals and the development of cooperation projects;
  • Fostering contact between enterprises and development agencies designed to innovative entrepreneurship, with the objective of making possible to raise financial resources for investment or business administration.
  • 2% tax reduction in the Tax on Services (ISS)
  • Property Tax (IPTU):
    • Up to 3 years of operation (75% reduction)
    • Between 3 and 5 years of operation (50% reduction)
    • Between 5 and 10 years of operation (25% reduction)


Cleber Gustavo Luiz Gomes Ferreira

Assessor Financeiro - Metrópole Parque

Erica dos Santos

Administradora - Metrópole Parque

Iris Linhares Pimenta

Professora Efetiva | Diretora Adjunta do Metrópole Parque | Coordenadora da Residência em TI no TST

José Antonio Bezerra Junior

Designer Gráfico

Marcelo Augusto Leite Cortez do Carmo

Assistente em Administração - Metrópole Parque

Marcelo Pelicano Ribeiro

Gerente de Parcerias - Metrópole Parque

Raquel Siqueira Maciel

Gerente Operacional - Metrópole Parque

Rodrigo Romão do Nascimento

Diretor do Metrópole Parque

Thércio Assunção Gomes Leite

Assessor de Marketing - ASCOM/Metrópole Parque

Wesley Canedo de Souza Júnior

Professor Efetivo




Ensure sustainability of the PARQUE Metrópole, promoting greater attraction of companies and startups through a diverse strategic actions.


Develop the identity of PARQUE Metrópole and its communication and marketing actions efficiently, publicizing the new technology hub.


Provide an improvement in the quality of life of people living in the PARQUE Metrópole area, identifying possible convenience services.


Connect graduate students from UFRN and the demand of human resources at the IT companies that make up the Technology Park, aiming at their performance in the local and global market.


Contribute to the industrial sector on the path of Digital Transformation, promoting technological changes through valuing decision-making and the power of human action.


Promote a global knowledge society perspective, positioning the Parque Metrópole, partners and their accredited companies as a development hub through international cooperation.

Organisational chart

Administrative Board

The CEO of IMD / UFRN, as its President Prof. José Ivonildo do Rêgo The Director of Parque Metrópole Rodrigo Romão do Nascimento O Gerente Executivo da INOVA Metrópol Prof.ª Iris Linhares Pimenta Gurgel UFRN members, nominated by CDA / IMD / UFRN Eng. Gustavo Fernandes Rosado Coêlho Prof. Manoel Veras de Sousa Neto Prof. Jorge Tarcísio da Rocha Falcão Prof. Ricardo Alexandre de Medeiros Valentim
Government Representative of the State of Rio Grande do Norte Mr.Luciano Oliveira de Faria Representative of the Municipality of Natal Mrs.Glenda Dantas Ferreira Representative of the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises - SEBRAE Mr. José Ferreira de Melo Neto
Representative of the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio Grande do Norte - FIERN Mr. Djalma Barbosa da Cunha Júnior Representative of Higher Education and Technical Institutions of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, nominated by CDA / IMD / UFRN Mr. Jorge Ramos de Figueiredo Enterprises Representative, 01 (one) member from resident and incubated associated companies and 01 (one) member of non-resident associated companies, nominated by the companies themselves.